Monday, November 5, 2012

Rear-view mirror edition: Fall Weddings 2012


Seven weddings in eight weekends, that is. Inspired by my friend Lacey, I am going to do a rear-view mirror edition to highlight each wedding. I loved how every wedding had the fingerprints (of mainly) the bride with both the bride and groom’s personality from beginning to end. The main theme in ALL of the weddings was their commitment to Christ and desire for Him to be central in their marriage. My next post will be what occupied my time with meeting up with other friends in between the weddings. *A word of warning: You WILL see the same few dresses in these photos- No way, no how was I about to buy 7 new dresses.* Are you ready? Well fasten your seat belts and let’s go!

Wedding #1 September 15, Austin, TX

Lo and Stevo Parker- Reunion with the Forge class of 2009 is what happened here and it did not disappoint!! This was the first time I had seen a lot of friends since I had returned from the field. Some people didn’t even expect me to be back yet, so that was one of my favorite things was the expression on people’s faces. Grateful for friends to hug- my triceps was sore after this weekend from hugging so many people with the hugs I am known for- BEST. The rehearsal dinner was filled with stories and much, much, laughter. Both Stephen and Lauren love Christ and making Him known and love OTHERS well that makes Christ's love compelling.
Lauren was the most beautiful bride!!!

Forge Class of 2009 (and '08 & '10) representing!

Wedding #2 September 22 Houston, TX

Jennifer & Patrick Haskew- After Patrick and Jenn got engaged last December, I crossed my fingers and said a little prayer that I would be back in the States so that I could attend their wedding and to my excitement and joy, they did! Knowing how much preparation went into this wedding (and any wedding!) and loved seeing all the tiniest of details being played out. Because Jenn and I joke (but yet serious) that we “are the same person” it was fun to see all the d├ęcor and even down to the color of the bridesmaid dresses. If I ever get married, I know who to go to for wedding advice since we both have the same taste! It goes without saying that Jenn was a stunning bride and this was the first time (of many) to meet Patrick in person! The ceremony was so personable- one of my favs for sure! It goes without saying that it was another weekend where I could meet up with a lot of people and reconnect.
Mr & Mrs Haskew!! Love, love, LOVE!!!

Wedding #3 October 6 Clinton, MS

Kristin & Richard van Lieshout- Devastatingly to me, this is sadly the one wedding I had to miss out on and let me tell you, I was BUMMED. If you know me- I am a true, blue, loyal friend. Since I have been back to the States, I have found that huge crowds can overwhelm me and I use so much energy and concentration at weddings as I try to remember every single detail of every person I interact with. This wedding happened in Mississippi and my riding buddy wasn’t able to go in the end and I wasn’t having any luck in finding somewhere to stay for free and blah, blah, blah- the details were just not coming together. When I told Kristin that I wasn’t going to be able to come, she of course, was gracious. Kristin and Richard are now living bank in South Africa and during their engagement they had several parties (in which I hosted one of them), so at least I played some in celebrating their BIG DAY.
The van Lieshouts- a lovely celebration that I hate I missed out on

Wedding #4 October 13 Tyler, TX

Maria & William-WOAH. This was the wedding where I felt like all my worlds (to date) collided. The wedding was held in Tyler, TX where they both reside. I know Maria because I worked with her parents, Bob and Susan, in South Africa. Maria came in summer 2011 and shadowed/helped me in teaching ESL. So, not only did I get to see people from the Board, but also TCK’s that I’ve heard so much about, as well as members from my church I went to while I lived in Tyler and then other Tylerites in general. It was an outdoor wedding. So was weddings #1 & #7 and in God’s graciousness, and LHis providence, at each of the outdoor weddings, it rained either before or after but not during- biggest God sightings EVER. He gives and He gives and He gives, folks! This was such a sweet wedding from beginning to end. It was so fun to not only see Maria and William so in love, but to see the look of pure joy on Bob and Susan’s faces as they married their last child.
Mr & Mrs Ripley!!

One of my favorite pics that I captured that day! Bob & Susan are SO happy!!
Wedding #5 Blairsville, GA
Rachael & Luke Carter- Two years ago this wedding was practically set and it was the most anticipated reunion of the decade. My friend Liz and her sister Ruth (for at least part of the way)and I made the trek to Georgia starting on Monday and got there on Tuesday (after spending the night in Birmingham). Rachael, for the most part, was the most chill-laxed bride I have ever seen. Here she is trying to entertain us rather than worrying about wedding details. We had to convince her not to worry about us and let it be about her for once. I loved getting to know her parents and at the rehearsal dinner, there was not a dry eye in the room as people testified to the integrity that both Luke & Rachael possess and their commitment to go to the ends of the earth to make His name known. I am honored to know them. At the wedding Rachael’s mom insisted that I sit with/where the family was seated, so I got a front row view of it all and it was beautiful!
Their first look

Liz & Luke- best buds

Grateful to partake in Rach's BIG DAY

The look of relief- she's a married woman!!

Wedding #6 Houston, TX October 28
Kara & Jared Aucoin- Kara and I go way back to my college days (sad that my college days are now “way back”) and it was my joy to disciple her while we were there together at SFA. Throughout the years post college, both of us have been intentional, though we have yet to be in the same city, country or continent for that matter. It’s been over a year that I have been hearing about the “Jared guy” and how he has been in hard pursuit of Kara and how he dotes on her in chivalry fashion. It made it so special when Kara skyped with me the day after she got engaged and replayed the proposal step by step. It was fun to catch up with a couple of college friends as well. Once again, the first time I met Jared was at the wedding, but excited to meet up with them in the future to get to know him more!


Mr. & Mrs. Aucoin!!

Wedding #7 Caldwell, TX November 3
Mandi & Travis Adams- Last but by no means least! I know Mandi through the Forge Class of 2009. A free spirit with deep felt passion and convictions, I love being in her presence, because she is a breath of fresh air when I am around her. Her wedding was a whole weekend affair with the options of prayer & worship service on Friday, along with Two Stepping after the rehearsal dinner, an orchard tour on Saturday at the pecan farm where the wedding and reception was held. Although I was not able to attend the pre-wedding activities, I have no doubt that it was fantastic and so like Mandi to do. Though rain was in the forecast and it did rain a few hours prior to the wedding, in God’s sovereignty He did not allow it to rain and actually gave a beautiful backdrop of whimsical clouds and a beautiful sunset after the ceremony. Bar-B-Que, potato salad and pinto beans was on the menu for supper and we danced the night away and ended a magical evening with fireworks. Mandi and Travis will be living in Ft Worth, so I am elated to live life together again with her in the same city.

Forge Class of 2009 representing with Mr & Mrs Adams!

Well, we are finally to the end! Kudos to you if you are still reading! Congratulate yourself by taking a nap- you’ve earned it!!



Wish I had known you were trying to come to Kristin's wedding... you could've stayed with me :(


Suzanne, you have to be the best friend anyone could ever have! I'm so glad you got to celebrate with so many folks! -Deborah Hoskins

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