Thursday, September 27, 2012

31 by 31

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True story: I am a little terrified to actually type out what I’m about to type (deep breath): I am committing to lose 31lbs by my 31st birthday.  There- I said it. BAM- it’s out there for all to see. In reality, it’s not that bad to have it out in the open. I truly desire to reach this goal and DO think it’s attainable, but honestly it won’t happen without accountability. I sent this text to my sister to see what she thought (even though I already knew what she would say):

Grateful to know ahead of time that I have a community around me to cheer me on. I have always felt that I have never had a handle on my weight. I’m always looking at things to help me lose weight (in a healthy way). I’ve officially been back in the States for 2 months now and I am longing for routine. Due  to money restraints in Jo’Burg (which still VERY much exist, if not more), I wasn’t able to join a gym and it wasn’t safe to be running around the neighborhood by myself. So I had my 5 work out DVDs that I rotated with. I also went to aerobics 1-2 times a week (thank you Maya!) that proved to be beneficial. I will be very honest in saying that I am, to date, the heaviest that I have ever been and I don’t like it ONE BIT. Even though I am still am in transition and really at the whim of whomever’s house I am staying with (and whether I eat in or dine out) at the time and I could use that as a viable excuse, the truth of the matter is that I need to start somewhere, anywhere and no better way to start than now. So Lord, help me begin to begin! And now I have accountability (which is HUGE) to motivate me too!

I wanted to share a few blog posts written by some of my friends over the years that have encouraged me with their stories and that then has helped and inspired me to put action to my goals. I love it that they are REAL PEOPLE that I actually know. All 3 of these women are real and authentic, which I appreciate.

*First person is Valerie (a friend from Pine Cove) and she lost 50 lbs in a year. SUCH an inspiration and loved her reveal blog with such rawness and authenticity.

*Next is Leigh (a friend from college) who has recently blogged about some of her goals about simply drinking a lot more water than sodas (DDP is a fav of mine too!) and run a 10k in the near future.

* Last (but not least!) is Amanda (a friend from high school) that just blogged today about setting a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon (kudos to you Amanda!) and without her knowing it, pushed me to commit to writing this blog. I too am afraid of failure, but I know that my identity is not in my performance, but rather my identity is in Christ and how He has uniquely designed me.

So right now I have the Lose It app to track my calorie intake and have the couch to 5k app, along with using my brother’s elliptical while I’m here at his house and my Biggest Loser work out DVDs. What advice can you give me that worked for you? I don’t know how frequently I’ll update my blog and/or Facebook, but don’t be afraid to ask for accountability’s sake! Here’s to the next 8 1/2 month’s journey! Thanks in advance for the encouragement and support!




Woohoo!!! Go, Suz!!! I'd love to hold you accountable, especially if you'll do the same for me! I'd like to lose about 15 pounds, but I haven't been trying very hard... so thanks for pushing me to commit! I really need to start exercising regularly again. LOVE YOU!!!

amanda k. brown

so proud of you!


So proud of you, Suz! You can totally do this!

"Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude."
Colossians 2:6-7
I want my life to be flowing with an attitude of gratitude towards my Lord, Jesus Christ. How could I not? He has given me abundant life and it is my prayer that I clearly represent Him in every area of my daily life of what He did on the cross on my behalf.